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The Culinary Adventure Collection

The Culinary Adventure Collection

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In this collection you will receive the Bittersweet Herb Farm products we are using in our "Stretch Your Meals" Live cooking videos on Social media. 

This collection includes: Lemon Pepper Oil, Garlic with Rosemary Oil, Chili Pepper with Garlic Oil, Zesty Garlic Seasoning, Mexican Seasoning, Spices of India, Garden Harvest Seasoning, Sundried Tomato with Horseradish Seasoning, Cajun Seasoning, Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce, Chipotle Peanut Finishing Sauce, Sundried Tomato and Olive Finishing Sauce and Black Pepper Finishing Sauce.

If you were to buy everything individually, these items would cost a total of $156.50.  With our online specials they would cost $123.00.  Because of the uncertain times we find ourselves in, we want to offer this collection to you for $100.00.