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Plant Based Shepherds Pie


4-6 Cups Mashed potatoes 

1 Can Black Beans drained

4 ounces diced tomatoes

1 Cup mushrooms sliced

4 Tbsp Vegan Butter

1 small onion chopped

1 can corn

Vegan Cheese 

3 Tbsp. Bittersweet Herb Farm Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce or you can substitute with Bittersweet Herb Farm Black Pepper Finishing Sauce .


In a medium sized skillet melt 4 Tbsp Vegan Butter and saute 1 small onion chopped.  Add mushrooms and cook until all butter is absorbed.  Add diced tomatoes and Bittersweet Herb Farm Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce.  Heat for 3 minutes.  In a greased baking pan layer your potatoes, beans, corn, and sauce mixture.  Top with cheese and bake in a 350 degree oven for 25-30 minutes.

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