Lemon Pepper Israeli Salad

Lemon Pepper Israeli Salad


  1. Chop the first 5 ingredients into a very small fine dice. The smaller, the better. Take your time with this and a sharp knife really makes this easier!
  2. Place in a large bowl and toss with the lemon zest, oils, lemon juice, Seasoning, salt, pepper.
  3. Taste and adjust lemon and salt to your liking.


This is the perfect side dish for potatoes pancakes or grilled chicken! I like to top my salad with is a dressing/ all my veggies! 

Make it a Salsa! 

This can also be made it to an amazing salsa add two more tomatoes and use Southwest Picante Seasoning or Mexican seasoning. If you want a it to be spicy switch the oil for Chili Pepper and Garlic oil

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